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All on four is an innovative method of fixing all teeth in the patient’s mouth so that they are supported on four dental implants. This represents a complete rehabilitation of the patient who possesses terribly broken or decayed teeth, as well as teeth that have been badly compromised because of gum disease.

It is done using a rehabilitation of either the dentate maxilla or edentulous maxilla and the mandible by fixing four implants into the higher bone density anterior maxilla. These four implants hold from 10 to 15 teeth each. The fixed prosthesis is then placed in the mouth immediately, which is usually in only 24 hour following surgery.

Nobel Biocare became the first implant makers to recognize the potential in the All on 4 method for replacing the traditional implants. They paid for studies by the Portuguese dentist Paulo Maló to determine if the approach could be as efficient and cost effective as they hoped. Other clinicians throughout the globe similarly began to experiment with using the method at this time. As such, the All on 4 is not considered to be an invention, but instead a technique for treating patients that has expanded and transformed in time.

It is affected utilizing four dental implants. These support a complete fixed bridge. Angulated implants are placed in the back to work around deficiencies in the bone. The All on 4 are immediately loaded, reducing office visits and painful delays. This means that same day implants are the normal result.

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