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cedar-park-dentists-david-frankWalden Dental in Cedar Park TX specializes in teeth cleaning, Zoom whitening and modern digital dentistry. Our family-oriented practice strives to provide the best possible levels of care and convenience. We know our patients have active lives and need to make the most of their time. Led by Austin cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frank, Walden has invested in advanced systems and techniques to provide the utmost in dental care and patient convenience. In addition to providing the best results and a pleasant experience, this saves our patients time and money.

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David Frank DMD – Dentist in Cedar Park Texas

Dr. Frank is dedicated to providing the best possible dental care and convenient service for patients. With this goal, he has built Walden into one of the leading Cedar Park dental offices. To ensure the highest standard of patient care, we are using state-of-the-art technology and digital dentistry processes.

Dr. Frank received his DMD from the Tufts University of Dental Medicine. He specializes in Digital Dentistry — applying computers and software to improve treatment results. To keep current with the latest dentistry technologies and procedures, Dave is actively involved in continuing education programs. The Cedar Park dental office serves as a showcase for digital dentistry and time-saving methods.

Our #1 priority is providing the highest level of dental care and oral hygiene for every Cedar Park dental patient. We measure our success in smiles, and are proud of our patients’ 5-star reviews and testimonials. This applies whether you’re here for routine teeth cleaning or whitening — or a complete cosmetic dentistry makeover. Our professional staff strives  to make your experience as successful, convenient and pleasant as possible. In addition to producing the best dental results, this saves patients time and money.

Digital Dentistry – Cedar Park and NW Austin

The Cedar Park community recognizes Walden Dental as a leader in Digital Dentistry. We are especially proud of our high tech CEREC (Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system. CEREC utilizes advanced CAD/CAM technology to create a precise 3-D computer model of the patient’s teeth. This enables us to design and build restorations — while the patient is sitting in the chair. We use CEREC to make crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges and other restorative treatments.

CEREC and other modern digital dentist innovations give Walden the ability to plan, design and perform same-day restorations. Some Cedar Park dentists don’t have CEREC systems, and require multiple visits to measure, design, fit and modify a restoration. We are not willing to impose this inconvenience on our patients — or risk a poor quality result. CEREC provides just one example of how we are utilizing digital technology to increase patient convenience and quality of care.

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Options

Walden offers two main types of advanced teeth whitening. Tooth bleaching gels can be applied in our Austin or Cedar Park dental offices. Or we can formulate whitening kits for patients to take home. With the in-office treatments, we can use stronger gels and barriers to protect gums. Home bleaching kits take longer, but can achieve the same results.

Some of our patients need their teeth whitened quickly, in time for a special event. For these, we offer Zoom Whitening treatments right in our office. This patented process produces great results and can be done in a single session. If you need a bright smile for a wedding, job interview or public speaking event, Zoom is the way to go.

Innovative Cosmetic Dentistry in Cedar Park TX

Walden offers conventional dental treatments like teeth cavity fillings, root canal and tooth extractions. We also provide modern treatments like dental bonding, inlays and onlays. But most of our work involves the use of advanced technology like CEREC to design porcelain dental veneers, caps or crowns.

We enjoy answering patients’ questions about dental care and oral hygiene. The more you know about what we do, the better job we can do – and the happier you will be. Our team strives to give patients a complete list of options — along with the plusses and minuses of these alternatives. Next to quality of care, sensitivity to patient’s budgets and convenience drive the way we operate our Austin and Cedar Park dentistries.

Same-Day Dental Implants versus Dentures

Our same-day digital dental treatments really save time for our patients. Procedures that used to take several visits can now be done in a single session. More importantly, our modern technology enables crowns, veneers or tooth implants to be designed and fitted all in the same day! No more unsightly or uncomfortable temporary dentures. And less time away from your job and family.

Dental implant technology has made great advances in the past few years. As a result, we generally recommend implants over removable dentures. A dental implant, especially the preferred Endosteal type, has a much stronger attachment to your jaw than a conventional denture. And implants work just like your natural teeth, and require just normal brushing and flossing. Dentures do not provide the same biting capability, can cause embarrassing slips, and require frequent removal and cleaning. We don’t want our patients to experience these inconveniences!

Choosing a Dentist in Cedar Park TX

There are quite a few Cedar Park dentists out there, and this competition inspires us to try harder every day. Patients choose Walden Dental for a variety of reasons:

  • Quality of Care and Commitment to Patients
  • Affordability and Cost Transparency
  • Convenient NW Austin and Cedar Park dentist offices
  • Modern Digital Dental Technology and Procedures
  • Dental and Oral Hygiene Information
  • Time-efficiency and One-Day Dental Treatments
  • Easy Online Scheduling
  • Personalized Service

Of course, our first priority is giving you the best possible dental care and oral health. But making your visits as convenient as possible is a close second. We offer a choice of Austin or Cedar Park dentist offices. And our online appointment setting app enables you to schedule visits on your computer, tablet or phone. Most importantly, our adoption of Digital Dentistry and these other time-saving systems improves patient experience and saves you money.

So when you’re considering dentists in Cedar Park, ask about how easy it will be to schedule appointments. How is modern technology is being employed to reduce cost and inconveniences? And how much of your valuable time will the treatments require?

Have questions? Call us today! We look forward to giving you a bright happy smile.

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