cosmetic-dentist-cedar-park-tx-austinIf your teeth are stained or misaligned, a cosmetic dentist can repair these and give you a bright healthy smile — and make you more attractive. Even if you have badly chipped, uneven or broken teeth, we can apply restorations to give you a complete and beautiful smile. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), an improved smile will make you appear more successful, interesting, and intelligent. Most of our cosmetic dental treatments can be completed in a single visit. Our goal is to minimize the time you need to spend away from your work, friends and family.

Austin Cosmetic Dentist – David Frank DMD

Walden Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry (also known as esthetic dental treatments), We use advanced technology and procedures like CEREC, one-day Zoom! Whitening, and Invisalign transparent teeth aligners. For the convenience of our patients, we can perform most treatments in a single appointment. Dr. David Frank, a leading cosmetic dentist in Austin TX, is dedicated to maximizing the quality of patient care and satisfaction.

In addition to regular checkups, exams and cleanings, we enhance patients’ oral health and appearance.  We can do one-day dental bonding, caps, crowns, inlays or onlays in our Austin or Cedar Park cosmetic dentist locations. In the case of severe tooth deterioration, Dr. Frank can perform remedial root canals, extraction and/or add bridges or dentures. And an increasing number of our patients are electing to revitalize their smiles with porcelain veneers or a complete smile makeover.

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Our Austin cosmetic dentist office is located on the corner of Lakeline Mall Drive and Lake Creek Parkway. In addition to our Northwest Austin patients, this is convenient for those living in Avery Ranch, Brushy Creek, Round Rock and Pflugerville. The office’s interior has a soothing ambiance and modern equipment recommended by experts in odontology — the science of teeth, dental structures and diseases.

Many patients want brighter smiles and take advantage of our professional teeth whitening treatments. Nearly everyone has some level of tooth discoloration. Staining can be caused by food and drinks, aging or chemical damage. For most people, we recommend bleach whitening splints to be worn in the privacy of your home. Following an initial exam, Dr. Frank and our professional staff can prepare these custom-fitted splints for you in just a few days.

Walden Dental offers Zoom! Home Whitening for patients’ use in the privacy of their homes. These easy-to-use kits have a mild lightening gel to avoid irritating your gums. They whiten the tooth color gradually over a period of several weeks.

For those who need faster results, we recommend Zoom! In-Office Whitening at our Austin or Cedar Park cosmetic dental offices. This is a great way to make sure you look your best for a school performance, wedding, job interview or social event. The In-Office treatment utilizes a stronger concentration of whitening gel, producing a new brighter smile in just one day!

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For the convenience of patients, Dr. Frank also does cosmetic dentistry in Cedar Park TX, on Wednesdays or by appointment. This facility is on the southbound 183A Toll Road, and is especially beneficial to patients living or working in Leander, Jonestown or Liberty Hill.

Teeth Alignment and Braces
Another common procedure for the cosmetic dentist is treating crooked teeth – in adults as well as children. Misaligned teeth are easier to remedy before the teeth and gums have fully matured. According to Mayo Clinic odontologists, the best time for braces is between age 8 and 14. Fortunately, modern technology has eliminated the need for those conventional metal braces. We recommend and offer transparent Invisalign clear braces that are virtually unnoticeable.

Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment. Using a combination of science and artistry, we can literally redesign your smile.

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