Walden Dental Discount Plan

walden-dental-discount-plan-austin-cedar-parkWe offer an In-Office Dental Discount Plan to individuals, couples or entire families with no insurance – dental care at affordable prices. Covered patients are eligible for 2 exams, 2 teeth cleanings, and x-rays each year, all covered by their annual premiums. In addition, Plan members receive 25% off our usual and customary rates for most procedures. Note: The 25% discount does not apply to teeth whitening (in-office and/or take-home) or Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign will be offered for a 15% discount off the usual and customary rates, not including the initial Clincheck.

Walden In-Office Dental Discount Plan — Annual Premiums:

  • Individual: $299/year
  • Couple: $499/ year
  • Children under 18: +$99/child
  • Dependents over 18: +$199/person

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These costs compare favorably with commercial dental plans available in Austin and Cedar Park, and can save patients money. Walden’s in-office dental discount plan can be an affordable way for individuals and families to have a dentist — and no insurance coverage. This is a great example of how we make dental care more convenient for our patients.

Unlike most dental insurers’ policies, our discount plan encompasses cosmetic dentistry treatments. This gives you savings on elective dental crowns, veneers and even complete smile makeovers. And, of course it also includes discounts on general dentistry treatments like dentures, root canals and extractions. Unlike conventional dental insurance offerings, the Walden In-Office Dental Discount Plan does not have deductibles, yearly maximums or a waiting period. Once you sign up, you can make an appointment to see the dentist – no insurance required!

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Austin Dentist – No Insurance Necessary

If you need a dentist but have no insurance, Walden can help. We have affordable in-office dental discount plans for Cedar Park and Northwest Austin patients. Our plans provide basic care for a low annual fee — and significant savings on more advanced treatments.

For a variety of reasons, people find themselves in circumstances where they need no-insurance dental care. A job change, divorce, death in the family or rising premium costs can motivate patients to look for alternatives to conventional medical or dental policies. At Walden we feel that if you need a dentist – no insurance shouldn’t be an obstacle. Next to providing the utmost in quality of care, we pride ourselves in delivering a pleasing experience and convenience for our patients.

Overview of Public and Private Plans

Federal, State or Local Governments provide public dental insurance. The Federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) law requires states to provide dental benefits to children. States also have the option of providing coverage for adults. Typically state-run public dental policies include coverage for teeth restoration, infection remedies, pain relief and oral care maintenance.

In contrast, private dental insurance comes from employer-paid or subsidized benefits managed by private insurers. Typically companies provide these benefits as optional add-ons to corporate health coverage plans. The eight largest private dental insurers are Delta Dental, MetLife, Aetna, CIGNA, United Concordia, Guardian, and Ameritas. For the convenience of our patients, Walden works with all these companies – and more.

Dental Discount Plans vs Dental Insurance

In contrast with dental care insurance plans, dental discount plans don’t pay the expenses of dentistry services. They negotiate cost reductions for the patients who pay the dentist directly. In addition, Walden In-Office Dental Plan subscribers receive basic care – two exams, two cleanings and x-rays per year — at no additional cost. And as an extra benefit, Walden plan members get a 25% cost reduction on most of general and cosmetic treatments. Like other dental savings plans, our in-office discount plan has no deductible, no annual maximum and no waiting period.

With conventional insurance, individuals must exceed a deductible level before their policy begins to reimburse their expenses. In contrast, dental savings plans like our In-Office Dental Discount Plan provide cost savings immediately – without any deductible requirement. This eliminates the high initial cost of care, and avoids the year-end jockeying to ‘use it or lose it’.

No Dental Insurance in Cedar Park or Austin TX?

The #1 reason people avoid the dentist is anxiety or phobia. And concern about the cost of treatment heads the list of these anxieties. Naturally, people who have no dental insurance have the most to be concerned about.

Don’t let the lack of insurance keep you from seeing the dentist! Call today to learn more about our In-Office Dental Plan.

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