Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Scientists now recognize that most patients experience generalized dental anxiety. In fact, recent studies show that up to 75% of Americans experience some level of dentist fear and 20% postpone or avoid care because of this. If you have a fear of dentists, we want you to know that making you feel comfortable and safe at our office is our top priority.

Fear of Dentist – Causes and Remedies

Some individuals fear of dentistry extends beyond the dentist and even include:

  • Routine Teeth Cleaning
  • Pain
  • Anxious about the procedures to be performed
  • The cost of the treatments
  • The expectation of discomfort, awkwardness or loss of feeling during the procedure
  • Being susceptible to lower back pain or kinks in the neck
  • Becoming uncomfortable with the sound, feel or smell of having their teeth worked on
  • Embarrassment about your teeth

Have dental anxiety?

We offer Sedation Dentistry.

At Walden Dental, we won’t ever claim to cure dental anxiety, but we’ll do the best possible to significantly reduce it. This includes:

We listen intently to what makes our patients fearful, and the suggestions they have for alleviating their worry

Dr. Frank and the Walden team emphasize the importance of what makes our patients feel most at home

We have sleek comfortable chairs and head supports feel more like recliners than dentists’ chairs

55″ TV screens and Netflix video streaming

Lavender scented towels to ease your mood

We are a “Judgement Free Zone!”, never feel embarrassed to let us help you improve your dental health!

Don’t let a dental phobia prevent or delay you from getting your teeth fixed. We can give you a shiny new smile! Click below to schedule an appointment or call or text our office.


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