What to expect for your first experience at Walden Dental

We’re so glad you’ve chose or are about to chose our dental practice. You’ve likely been to the dentist for cleanings and routine care many times in the past and aren’t expecting anything different from Walden Dental. Let us assure you, we’re planning to exceed your past expectations. Be prepared for the best, most efficient care in dentistry today-But don’t take our word or it, check out our online dentist reviews.

If you’re utilizing our web based appointment schedule, you’re already exposed to something better. By completing the online registration and insurance(if applicable) prompts, you’re now immediately able to view availability that best suits your schedule for your new visit and verifying confirmation at that very moment. No more needing to call the office during business hours to confirm appointments, be put on hold, or have some other hassled confusion whether or not your booked. Also, you’ll always find new appointments available within a matter of days and not the customary 4-6 weeks out until first available. We recognize the #1 chief obstacle to dentistry is time.

You can also expedite your visit by completing our medical history form online helping to give us ample opportunity to prepare for your individual needs. We eliminate the obnoxious waiting room moments for you being bombarded with a clipboard of what seems to be endless pages of medical forms to fill out as you arrive. We’ll also be ready with your insurance benefits so that there won’t be surprises or lack of coverage that you were expecting for your first visit.

Within just of few minutes of check-in, you’ll be personally greeted by our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Frank. Together we’ll review your medical history in our consult room, away from the dental chairs, and conveniently located by our coffee bar. We’ll chat about your goals for your appointment, any fears, obstacles in the past to dental care, and expectations for your exam and cleaning with us. According to Dr. Frank,

“this time with our new patients is by far my favorite, it lightens the mood, and gives me the ability to have a personal connection with our new patients without you leaned all the back and I’m wearing a mask. I get to learn much about what YOU want and that’s so important to guide you through your complete first visit.”

We’ll talk about your values and motivations for keeping your mouth ideal and healthy. We’ll review the benefits of nutrition and how strong teeth give you the hardware for chewing whole natural foods. Before heading back for your exam, we’ll decide together what x-rays and images you actually need, what areas of concern there may be, and how to keep your visit on time and efficient. Whether you’re here about a single tooth or for a general wellness check-up, we’ll agree together what’s best based on your preferences. Your first visit is custom made for you.

Our clinical team with take the necessary images and photography of your smile, bite and other relevant pictures to discuss how the teeth look to you and not just black and white x-rays that often seem more confusing to patients than beneficial. On our 55” TV monitors we can show photography of your bite and smile that actually makes sense, getting an understanding about your dental conditions that offer better diagnosis and patient education. Together with Dr. Frank, you’ll take a tour of mouth and by co-discovery and diagnosis to discuss your clinical findings. This gives us the easiest way for patients to understand their dental conditions, set up a priority of needs and a path to optimal dental health.

After your cleaning, we’ll secure your next hygiene visit, even if your don’t know your exact schedule 3,4,or 6 months from now. Having a date in place, along with a reminder and appointment confirmation 2 weeks ahead of your visit gives us the freedom to move dates if needed. We’re committed to keeping your teeth lasting a lifetime and timely visits are the best way to achieve such a goal.

Finally, if there are findings that warrant treatment, Dr. Frank and you will determine a priority of needs together that computes with our health goals, your time, and most important your budget.

Often our chief obstacles in dentistry is time and money. Walden Dental’s technology permits most procedures to be completed in one-visit, our insurance expertise, fee schedules and participation with Care Credit and Lending Club offer valuable solutions to aid in pursuing care without allowing things to worsen and become more costly in the future. We’ll have accurate estimates available to review to know line by line what out of pocket costs there may be and a thorough understanding of your insurance options if applicable. Murphy’s Law and dentistry go hand in hand. When it comes to teeth, an ounce of prevention is worth more than pound of cure.
We can’t wait to help you get started.

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