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Finally, aesthetic dentistry is a new way of doing dentistry based on the ancient Greek definition of perceiving and feeling nature’s organic formations. Instead of making teeth shinier and fancier than they originally were, the transformations aim to recreate the natural teeth of normal human appearance. The goal of aesthetic dentistry is to provide patients with their best natural and normal looking dental results with an improved transformation that is seamless.

The process of this aesthetic dentistry involves working towards health gums and teeth to deliver the best results. After the patients enjoy healthy gums and a well supported dentition, the dentistry will allow for procedures that are minimally invasive along with advanced bone regeneration and also soft tissue microsurgery to sculpt the patient’s original dental look. Such advances and the use of technology involving all-ceramic material today have nearly eliminated dentures in patients. Even for patients that do not have their own healthy teeth, aesthetic dentistry makes it possible to attain a transformation of the mouth that is both impossible to detect and flawless.

Thanks to the enormous improvements in restorative materials, it has been possible for this movement to minimal dental intervention. This blurring of the old lines separating general practice and specialists has resulted from an increased variety of techniques that allow for minimal intervention. It is going back to the old idea of letting your natural and normal looking smile return.

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