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Thanks to the revolutionary idea of digital impressions, dentists today are able to develop computer generated virtual replicas of soft and hard tissues within the mouth. They do this utilizing optical scanning devices like lasers.This technology takes incredibly accurate and clear impressions in only a matter of minutes. It does not require any of the old school impression materials that were messy and inconvenient for many patients.

For a great number of dental patients, they experience the dental impressions technology as both more comfortable and simpler procedures than traditional methods with their unpleasant materials. Information from the impression becomes transferred to computers and then is utilized to develop restorations. It does not require any stone models generally, providing another efficiency.

Two kinds of this digital impression technology exist in dentistry practices today. In the first type, images are taken in the form of digital photographs. This gives dentists and laboratories a range of images to work with in practice. The second method instead gathers the images in the form of digital video.

In either case, such images may be captured via digital scanning or with lasers. Digital scanning utilizes digital optical scanners which are extremely accurate and safe. They do require that the patient’s teeth get specially sprayed and powder coated before the scanning can commence. This makes certain that all portions of the impression get properly recorded. The laser scanners utilize a concentrated form of light which is both intensely precise and safe. This gathers the details of all gums and teeth, all the while getting rid of the old requirement to keep nasty and highly unpleasant materials in the patient’s mouth.

Digital impressions offer a range of benefits. They improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy so that dentists are able to email virtual impressions over to the receiving laboratory instead of having to physically send over the old stone models or traditional impressions using regular mail. Besides this, these digital impressions are ideal for crafting same day dentistry restoration. They greatly increase the speed of treating patients while they reduce the requirements of visiting the office many times.

Other benefits to digital impressions include the following:

  • Better impression quality leading to restorations that fit better
  • Less time in the dental chair
  • No requirements for unpleasant impression materials in patients’ mouths
  • Lessened potential for mistakes in impression taking
  • Less anxious encounter for patients with the
  • Patients become better informed and engaged in the dental care
  • Scan can be finished in only from three to five minutes
  • Electronic storage of digital impressions is indefinite and space saving
  • Elimination of disposable impression materials and plastic trays contributes less garbage to landfills

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