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Another great advance in dentistry technology is No Impressions Dentistry. A digital system has taken away the need to suffer through having traditional dental impressions taken. A great number of patients experienced much discomfort and gagging in the process. But thanks to this digital technology, dentists can tell with completely accuracy on their computer screens how well the teeth are represented digitally. It allows for him to do any necessary adjustments in the dental crown preparation work as he studies the results on a big computer screen.

Such digital compression technology proves to be extremely useful in doing dental implants as well. The system makes it possible to accurately represent the dental implant as it will appear in the mouth over to the lab where the crowns or implants will be made. The technology can also be utilized for Invisalign braces. Formerly dentists had to always utilize rubber dental impressions and send them over to the Invisalign lab in the U.S. Thanks to the non impression digital dentistry systems, the treatment becomes more accurate. Risks of losing the impressions in the mail or them being ruined in the transit process are completely eliminated.

It improves the accuracy of the procedure. Even though rubber based impressions have proven to be accurate and stable, they are still imperfect physical representations of the jaw. The new digital impressions take away all chances of accidental distortion in dental impressions as there is no pouring into a dental plaster model involved anymore. Instead the non impressions dentistry is done on a computerized milling machine.

Teeth in a Day – Austin & Cedar Park TX
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An amazing new procedure that permits patients to come to the office with failing teeth or dentures and go home the same day equipped with a full set of fixed teeth is called Teeth In a Day.

The former traditional implants required from six to 12 long weeks of healing before the teeth could be inserted. It required the use of an unpleasant denture all those weeks, which hurt some people quite a lot. Teeth in a Day eliminates the needs for using an intermediary denture step. This eliminates the longer healing times. You can literally come into the office and then go home the same day with the fixed solid teeth installed.

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