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It used to be that putting in dental implants was a long and tedious process. This is no longer the case thanks to the revolutionary evolution into same day implants. These implants can now be installed in a matter of hours. There are now no multiple surgeries and several months of waiting time required to have a dental implant.

The same day dental implant variety is quite different from the former tedious dental implants. The old method of dental implants involved several crucial stages. This procedure typically required between six and 18 months to finish, including significant recovery time. Thankfully for patients, the same day dental implants are far simpler to have installed than the old kind. Patients enjoy their relief almost instantly.

This new technology is not considered critical surgery. Dentists are able to install such implants using only local anesthesia and a mild form of medication afterward such as Ibuprofen. The patient no longer suffers from terrible pain and uncomfortable irritation. Because of their hassle free nature, these same day implants are growing more popular all the time.

There are many benefits to having same day implants procedure done. Patients are able to quickly enjoy a return to their normal daily routine. Their mouth gets its old look back the fastest way possible. It only needs a few hours to achieve this. The patient also regains the proper shape of his or her face rapidly with this treatment.

It should be noted that there are also a few risks with this procedure. The biggest ones is the potential for the implants to fail. This is because there is no six to seven month waiting period for the bone and screws to fuse together. This means that the same day implants lack the powerful bond between root and bone. In fact, the same day implants skip this process altogether. It means that the bone and screw bonding does not occur at all. It risks the whole process suffering from a failure at some point in the future. The implants may also fail as the bones are not always ready to have the teeth placed upon them. After the bones heal up, the implants have the potential to fail. It is also possible that the patient’s face may change shape, requiring an operation in order to regain the desired original shape.

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