Can You Get Teeth in a Day?

Missing your teeth can be a frustrating and embarrassing situation, especially if you work a customer-facing job or take a lot of pictures. Fortunately, you don’t have to go without your teeth for a long time. Dental technology has advanced so much over the years that it’s possible for you to get teeth in a day. The following is some additional information about the matter and what you can do if you need teeth in a day. Don’t fret because you can resolve your situation very soon.

Why You Many Need Teeth in a Day

Oftentimes, unexpected incidents happen that cause people to lose their teeth abruptly. You may have lost one or more of your teeth due to an automobile accident, an unfortunate fight or tooth decay. The result is stressful no matter what the reason is that you’ve lost your teeth. Your goal right now is to get a replacement for your lost tooth or teeth so that you can preserve the shape of your face and continue to perform your regular daily activities. It’s possible for you to get teeth in as little as one day if you see the right people for help. Here’s some information that can help you make wise decisions about your dilemma. 

Who Can Help?

Fortunately, some offices and providers can help you get what you need to replace your lost teeth. You can visit a cosmetic dentist that has a lab in its facility if you need to correct your smile the same day. These specialists can examine your teeth, create a mold of the missing teeth and design a product that can fill your mouth. In many cases, clients can visit in the morning and have their replacement teeth by the afternoon of that day. Some products are manufactured so wonderfully that they can match the teeth you lost so that no one can even tell you lost them. You can see one of these specialists immediately if you have the funding to cover the costs. 

Types of Teeth You Can Get

Dentures and dental implants are the most common teeth replacements clients seek. Partial dentures can cover one or several teeth at a time, and full dentures can cover the entire mouth. Dental implants are intricate products that fuse to the bone and simulate real teeth. Dentures are less expensive and are starting to resemble teeth more with each passing day. Contact a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options and look at some of the products that are available for you. 

How Much Do Teeth Cost?

It’s difficult to generate a “one size fits all” figure because the price of teeth can vary greatly from establishment to establishment. The price you have to pay will vary based on the location you choose, the type of teeth you select and the individual provider’s pricing grid. It will also depend on the type of financing you have. A self-pay situation will be the hardest on your wallet, so it will be wise for you to get the backing you need first. 

Where You Can Get Financial Help

There are many ways you can pay for replacement teeth. The most obvious way to pay is through your dental insurance provider. Dental insurance providers will cover a large portion of the bill for you. Another option for you to consider is buying a dental discount plan. Dental discount plans sell for one single price per year, and they give you access to a certain percentage of money off of each procedure. The discounts may include dentures, partial dentures, dental implants and the like. Make sure you check to ensure that the provider you choose to install your teeth accepts the coverage from your dental discount plan. 

Third-party lenders can help you pay for dental work and teeth replacements. Approval for such help may be contingent upon your credit score as well as your payment history. Check with your prospective providers for additional information. They may be able to process an application for you from their location. You will receive an answer to your request on the same day. If you gain approval, the lender will allow you to pay your debt in monthly instalments until you’ve paid the entire balance. You can get the teeth you desire and grow your credit score and standing at the same time. 

One more way you can get help with financing for your teeth is by speaking to the provider directly. Sometimes, such providers offer exclusive deals and discounts to their new patients. You may be privy to particular offers or packages that can help you get the teeth you need to improve your gorgeous smile. 

Contact some providers and ask them about getting teeth in a day. You will see that many clinics and facilities specialize in helping their clients to do that. Good luck and remember to smile.


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