CEREC Crowns and Veneers

The CEREC Dental Procedure

cerec-dental-system-austin-cedar-park-txWalden Dental uses a modern CEREC dental treatment system to create tooth crowns and veneers. CEREC utilizes 3D photography and a Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) process to assist the dentist in designing virtual restorations — crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and bridges. The CAD/CAM system transfers the design to a milling machine that precisely cuts the restoration from a ceramic block. Dr. Frank and thousands of dentists worldwide utilize CEREC to replace fillings and other imperfections. With this, we can restore any tooth that is decayed, broken or weakened to its natural strength and beauty. Better yet, the new dental crowns or veneers are made with all-ceramic tooth-colored material – and are completed in a single appointment at our Austin or Cedar Park office!

Let’s face it, very few of us have perfect teeth that are free of decay and fillings. You probably have a filling or two in your mouth which do just that — “fill” a cavity. Cavities are holes in your teeth caused by decay and excavations made to repair these. In many cases, the filling is made of metal material and can go bad, weaken the tooth, or get additional decay under or around it. In fact, 1.2 billion of these metal fillings will need to be replaced in the next 10 years.

CEREC is an advanced dental restorative system that allows your dentist to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective amalgam fillings, or place cosmetic dental veneers in just one appointment. This process allows you to have the highest quality, most lifelike dental restorations in just one visit to the dentist. You’ll be in, out, and on with your busy life.

CEREC Acquisition Unit

The CEREC Acquisition Unit is a mobile console that houses a medical grade computer and the CEREC camera. Your dentist uses the camera to take a digital image of your mouth. This eliminates the need for a traditional impression of your tooth. There is no impression tray and material for you to potentially gag on. CEREC generates a three-dimensional model of your teeth. Dr. Frank will design your restoration right on the computer screen while you wait (and watch!). The CEREC software assists the dentist with designing any single tooth restoration: crowns, inlays, onlays (partial crowns), and veneers. Once Dr. Frank has designed your restoration (usually takes about 2 minutes), he clicks a button, and the design data is communicated to the CEREC Milling Unit.

CEREC Milling Unit

Dr. Frank and the clinical team at his Cedar Park or Austin dental office select a ceramic block that matches the shade of the tooth being repaired. He then inserts the block into the Milling Unit. The CEREC software uses data from the Acquisition Unit to direct two diamond-coated burs to carve the block into the indicated shape of the restoration. This process usually takes 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the size and type of restoration. After the milling is finished, your dentist polishes the finished filling or crown and bonds it into place.

Most patients enjoy seeing the CEREC crown or veneer being designed, placing the ceramic block in the milling machine, and watching the milling unit create the new restoration. And they especially enjoy walking out of the office with their newly restored tooth and improved smile.

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.

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