Dental Implants – Teeth Replacement

We custom design dental implants for each patient. The dentist surgically places these in or on the jawbone to serve as an anchor for replacement teeth. The implant replaces the tooth roots, and provides a strong mounting point for the new man-made tooth. To avoid chemical interactions with mouth tissue, food or beverages, the manufacturer fabricates the tooth implants from non-reactive material (usually titanium).

We recommend implant dentistry in cases where tooth repair is not advisable. Sometimes patients have teeth that are too broken, chipped or cracked to provide a sound base for a crown or dental veneer application. In those cases, the dentist can remove these and install dental implants and replacement teeth. Implants offer several advantages over conventional dentures (false teeth). For this reason, they provide more durability and easier maintenance. And there’s no slipping to cause problems eating or speaking.

Cosmetic dentist David Frank installs dental implants in Cedar Park and Austin TX. Call Walden Dental (512) 337-8560 for information or an appointment.

Types of Dental Implant

The American Dental Association approves two types of tooth implant – Endosteal and Subperiosteal.

Dental surgeons place Endosteal implants directly into the jawbone. After the gums heal from the surgery, the surgeon attaches metal posts to the dental implants. Then the dentist attaches the artificial teeth to the posts. This system provides the strongest connection between the jawbone and the replacement tooth.

In contrast, a Subperiosteal implant places a metal framework on the jawbone, but does not penetrate the bone. The framework incorporates metal posts, and replacement teeth are attached to these posts. The combination of the jawbone and gums hold the implant in place. We recommend Subperiosteal implantation in cases where the patient does not have enough bone remaining for an Endosteal implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants – Cedar Park TX

Not surprisingly, there are many functional and cosmetic benefits to dental implants. Implanted teeth improve the patient’s ability to eat by providing a complete and matching bite. Unlike conventional dentures, an implant functions just like a natural tooth. It allows you to chew with confidence, and does not slip or require adhesives to remain in place.

To maximize longevity, manufacturers fabricate dental implants from highly durable material. You can be expect them to last for many years. Unlike dentures, you brush and floss them just like natural teeth. This eliminates the nuisance of removal, soaking, cleaning and replacement required by removable dentures. Along with the simplicity of maintenance, this strength and durability lead to  better oral health.

Most importantly, the enhanced appearance of tooth implants can improve your confidence and wellbeing. People with broken or missing teeth tend to become self-conscious and reluctant to smile. Needless to say, this can adversely affect their temperament, careers and personal lives. Whether it’s a complete smile makeover or a single tooth replacement, dental implants can make you proud of your teeth and let you enjoy smiling again.

Dental Implantation at our Austin TX Office

Patients who live or work in Leander, Anderson Mill or other communities west of 183 generally prefer to have dental implants performed at our Cedar Park facility at 5001 183A Toll Road. But we conduct most of our cosmetic dentistry in the main Walden Dental office in northwest Austin. This location on the corner of Lake Creek Parkway and Lakeline Mall Drive saves time for patients living or working in the northwest part of the metro area.

To ensure best results, both the Austin and Cedar Park facilities utilize the latest in high tech implant dentistry equipment. We especially take pride in our CEREC systems. Dr Frank uses these 3D imaging and manufacturing devices to create digital computerized models of patients’ teeth. He employs these models to design restorations — and even whole-mouth teeth replacement. As a result, the accuracy afforded by the CEREC digital dentistry produces dental implants that fit precisely the first time and look great!

Affordable Dental Implants – Cost and Value

As with most of our treatments, dental implant costs depend on how many teeth are involved. We achieve some economies of scale with multi-tooth replacements. Accordingly, replacing three contiguous teeth doesn’t cost three times that of a single tooth. A full-mouth smile makeover won’t usually cost double what it costs to do the uppers. And to save money, some patients elect to have just the front teeth replaced.

Walden Dental emphasizes cost transparency and sensitivity to our patients’ financial circumstances. Toward that end, we discuss treatment options, trade-offs and costs with each patient during the initial appointment. Dr. Frank would be glad to talk with you about ways to save money. Like stretching out the procedure schedule and payments to stay within your budget. In any case, we are confident the dental implants cost will be justified by your bright new smile, and the confidence and enjoyment this brings you.