A Tooth Extraction

Hey! it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to describe what options do we have when we know a tooth needs to go? What I mean by go is, yes some teeth will need to be extracted from time to time or even for those of you that are thinking like, “Well I’ve had a tooth missing I’ve been a little self-conscious about it I’ve been told by family or others ‘Hey when are you gonna get that tooth fixed?’”

Not everyone is going to be a great candidate for an implant. Implants have been around for a while now I get that question a lot at the office and some folks kinda are either unaware or have overlooked the thought of a dental bridge. Dental bridges have been around for a long time and essentially what a dental bridge is is you’re using one tooth on one side of a missing space another tooth on the other side of the missing space and we bridge the gap. Bridges work great for those patients that don’t really want to go through an excessive amount of surgeries. Bridges work great when it’s looking at timelines and time crunches. Some folks have pretty busy schedules or they are transient and they can’t be at a spot with the same provider here for sometimes almost 18 months depending on the complexity of the case to get an implant to fit. A bridge can satisfy a lot of those same needs of this better state put in my mouth. I know many folks are very resistant on having to have something taken in and out, wear and tear, cracks and fractures. We use those teeth to anchor on a crown we use that other tooth on the other side, anchor down a crown, and in the middle of that there is another crown. So hopefully some of those hand signals may have helped a little bit identify how bridgework is actually being processed.

We’ve done a lot of great bridge cases for patients, they’ve come out looking really well they’ve come out looking really consistent. Patients are constantly remarking about, “Yeah this is fitting pretty good and I can get that chewing efficiency back.” If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like boy I’ve always had to use one side to chew on because another side hasn’t had teeth in a while and then, uh oh, that compensating primary chewing side starts to hurt, you really wanna think about can we get more of a stability and chewing function.

This thing in my hand here is what we can make our bridges out of. Sometimes they can expand six teeth or more and we’ve done plenty of cases for folks right up in the front to really enhance their smile when it’s been long overdue for them to smile and chew the way that they deserve. To find out more about bridges take a look at our website, we’ve got a pretty detailed list about, how the process of a bridge works, what to expect, and some frequently asked questions. In addition to that take a look and schedule an appointment if you haven’t had a dental visit in a while to see if a dental bridge may be right for you. I hope some of that kind of helps a little bit and the benefits of the bridge and kind of getting more of a conversation opened up of, “What can I do with this tooth that I know I need to remove?” or, “What can I do about this tooth that I haven’t had in quite some time?”

Take care, live well, and smile.

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