Am I Dr. Walden?

Hey! Its Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and for those of you who may be confused of am I Dr. Walden or am I Dr. Frank I wanted to tell you a little bit about where Walden Dental came from.

I didn’t grow up in Texas but I got here as quickly as I could and for a time when I was up in the Northeast I was living in Massachusetts and Walden Pond is an awesome location and I loved it. The water was so crisp, I love being outdoors, I love open-water swims and when I was doing my triathlon training that was a great spot to really help my training and my performance. When I was thinking about what the heck do I really want to call a dental office my wife at the time said, “Why don’t you choose a place that you love?” and Walden Pond was a great fit – hence, Walden Dental. I love being in Texas, the weather is amazing; although, we could forget about some of the summertime here. But being outdoors is so much fun and it’s so dog friendly. I’ve got two Labradors and they are thrilled to basically be wherever I’m at, at all times. There’s so much to do here in Texas. There’s so much growth, especially in Central Texas, here in Austin, it was a perfect fit for a dental practice. If you’re not from this area, as many of us aren’t, and you’re looking for a great office that’s going to be able to fit your unique needs Walden Dental may be a pretty good fit for you. Check out our reviews to see, “Hey, does this make sense?” and we probably accept your insurance too.

So that’s a little bit about the practice. I hope that kinda helps a little bit about getting an understanding, so when you come in – No I’m not Doctor Walden, I’m Doctor Frank. You know what? Call me Walden, call me Frank, just call me and I think you’ll be really happy with your dental care here, at Walden Dental.

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