Enhancing Your Smile

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and I wanted to bring up a topic today and actually showcase a workflow of what to expect if you were ever really interested in enhancing your smile. We have a lot of folks that have come to us kind of unsure, resistant, and really kind of reserved about, “Do I want to touch my teeth especially my front teeth because they’re so important?” But that conversation was driven because of a degree of unhappiness or not feeling like it could be their most authentic self and that conversation has started and as we talk about the workflow it was a, “Yeah I really like that” or, sometimes folks that have come in that have had dental work with their smile before and just felt kinda bummed that it didn’t get them the results that they were looking for. And they’ve had a relatively lower expectation of dentistry and some folks have had that dental work done 15, 20 years ago and at that time dentistry didn’t have the same materials didn’t have the same processes didn’t have the same techniques as we do today to really make things look natural and almost – I never want to say perfect – but close to it.

I again wanted to put this video together to actually show you through some videography and other clips that we’ve made from our patients that we’ve worked on of what’s happening in their mouth. I’ve been so grateful that not only have patients trusted me with their dental care and to take that next step besides going with some back teeth crown and bridge or implants to say, “Hey I want you to really aesthetically enhance my smile to give me the best look that I deserve”. Also, people have allowed me to videotape them through that process in order to help others to visualize what this workflow is really about. Take a look and see if this is a good fit for you and if you’ve been on the fence about it if you’ve noticed that people are looking at you or made comments of, “Hey you’d really be a knockout if your teeth are a little straighter or a little whiter or if they had not that black line that sits along with the gum tissue there or if they looked a little bit longer.” Or if you had people say, “Hey you know those chips in your teeth?” and when I say other people I’m probably talking about your spouse or a significant other or a close relative.

I think it’s time for you to take a look to see what can be done. So go ahead watch this workflow as I said, getting married, a son or daughter getting married, being back out there on the dating scene, getting ready for that upper-level management in your career, or just saying, “Hey you know what the kids are out of the house it’s time for me”. Take a look and if you are happy or if you’re more curious Schedule a consultation with Walden Dental. We’re here to help and I think you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised watching this video about what dentistry can offer.

Take care, live well, and smile.

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