Routine Dental Care Can Wait

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. And I want to give you a little degree of normalcy during this uncertain time and more importantly give you some of the points to be aware of whether or not you should call your dentist, routine dental care – we can probably hold off, but here are a few factors of don’t wait.

We don’t want you inundating hospitals as far as having toothaches or abscess formations where we can take care of that right here. A tooth cracks! And a filling comes out – call your dentist. Feeling a swelling that went from a small knot that’s starting to expand in size – call your dentist. Waking up at night with dental-related pain – call your dentist. Having something hot, cold, or trying to chew and now it’s throbbing for more than just a few seconds – call your dentist. Taking Advil and Tylenol for some minor toothache that’s turning into being not so minor and Advil and Tylenol is not relieving that pain – call your dentist.

We’re here to help, call us again at 512-337-8560 and you can even text that number. Furthermore, take a look at our website for updates and how to best manage your dental concerns to determine, “Should I be calling?” at waldendentaltx.com.

Stay safe, be well, and, if you can through this time, smile.

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