What to Expect from a Modern Dentist

Hey everyone! I’m Dr. Frank from Walden Dental. Question for you, what should you expect most from a modern dentist? Well, I’m here to tell you – it’s all about technology.

It’s about technology that makes your dental appointment seamless, easy, same day, and on time. You should never have to worry about having anything that comes in and out of your mouth anymore whether it be with a temporary or a permanent solution. It should be done precisely. It should be done looking just like your natural teeth. You should never have to worry about any metals showing around your gumline. You should feel confident when you walk out of that door you know that you got the best material at the best office possible. It should seem cutting edge, the technology should work so smoothly you’d question how could you go anywhere else, and more importantly how did they ever do dentistry before?

We want to keep as much of your tooth as possible and because of the way that we utilize all the different types of ceramics, and all of their strengths, you may forget which tooth was actually worked on cause they all look so naturally beautiful. With our technology, we do porcelain crowns, porcelain onlays, porcelain veneers – Guess what? No metal! It’s so fantastic in the way that we are able to get things to look so naturally beautiful Your teeth look like they’ve never had any dentistry and it’s just been making you what you’ve always wanted from the get-go. So I’m hoping that all that information kinda helped you understand a little bit more about Walden Dental.

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Take care, live well, and smile.

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