Routine Dental Care

Hey its Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and boy am I thankful to be back to routine dental care. We’ve had to wait awhile, we’ve had to wait over 8 weeks and I know that there’s still some concerns out there as far as is it a good time to get back into dentistry and I’m here to tell you dentistry has been in front of this curve on the way that we have implemented universal precautions since the 1980’s.

This isn’t anything new for dentistry and while some of the PPE conditions may have changed because of our awareness with the contagiousness of Covid-19 Walden Dental’s been right in the front of it. Not only did we stay open for all of our emergency patients, we were right there watching CDC protocols change, adapt, staying in the front of the Texas Dental Board new rules that came out May 1st. We have all the right PPE equipment and I’m keeping my team safe. It’s extremely important not only to keep patients safe but its even more important for the team that I value so highly have all of the right protocol, all of the right masks, gowns shields, so that we can provide the best, safest routine care that our patients demand and deserve. Dentistry is not elective, dentistry is essential, we can discover so many other systemic related concerns just by having the examination of the mouth. The health of the mouth is often times the gateway of knowing the overall health of a patient – it’s more than just chasing cavities.

Walden Dental’s website at www.waldendentaltx.com goes into detail about Covid-19 protocol that we have implemented in our office that follows right in accordance and staying in the forefront of what the Texas Dental Board, the CDC guidelines, and other OSHA related guidelines throughout America’s endorsing here we’re on top of this also to find out more from our staff and inquiring from either text or phone call, please call us or text at 512-337-8560.

Take care, live well and smile.

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