Covid-19 Dental Guidelines

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. And I’m so happy that we’re back to routine dental care. We’ve had a lot of changes that we’ve needed to implement to make sure that not only are we up to date and exceeding PPE, CDC and a bunch of other acronym guidelines which are all important.

We want to make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong and lasting you the rest of you lifetime. Most of the barriers of dentistry can really be boiled down to two things – time and money. Walden Dental recognizes that and we want to make sure that, not only are we keeping your time our utmost importance, but we also value the money spent on dentistry. We make dentistry affordable, we accept most major insurances, we have our Walden Dental plan for those that don’t have insurance to make sure that cost isn’t going to be a barrier. We’re not going to make you wait 3 weeks to get in for a dental check up and cleaning.

You often times can schedule online for the very same day for a dental visit. We strive to make everything accommodating here, that we try to eradicate any barrier that you may have experience in the past with dentistry. We’re here to make dentistry a customer-service oriented health care delivery and I can’t wait to invite you to Walden Dental so that you can experience that first hand. If you are a patient – fantastic! Thank you so much and please sing our praises and for those that are watching this for the first time I cant wait for you to experience the Walden Dental difference. Take care, live well, and smile.

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