The Meaning of a Smile

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank from Walden Dental. I’m here to ask you, what does a smile mean to you? More importantly, what type of value or worth do we put on smiles?

Sometimes America can get us a little confused and when we look at Hollywood and we look at some of these Instagram photos of folks that don’t even look the same that they originally were just a year ago and we start shaking our heads and scratching our heads thinking how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars did that take to look completely different and why did we do that? A smile is worth millions of dollars when you can carry it to show people how much you care, to be inviting, to show that warmth.

Whether it be with your personal family or to others all over the world and it doesn’t matter what color that smile actually is or how many teeth are in that smile. Being genuine is so crucial a lot of us get confused on whether or not, “should I even go to the dentist because my smile isn’t perfect. And then if I go the dentist is just going to tell me about all of these things I need to do to fix my smile.”

At Walden Dental, that’s not necessarily the case. Yes, we do cosmetic dentistry but we’re here to make you feel good about your smile and, more importantly, about yourself. To find out more, and if you’re ready to become a patient at Walden Dental, give us a call at 512-337-8560.

Take care, live well and smile.

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