Walden Dental Community

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and 2020 has been something I never really would have ever encountered and probably you wouldn’t have either as far as anticipating it. It has been stressful, it has been anxiety-laden and I think that helps to get a better understanding of where we’re at as a country right now, with the political and social tensions abound.

I’m so happy we live in a country where we have the right to assemble and to have peaceful protests, but at the same time it’s hard to get a message across when we’re having to wear a mask. We need to stay safe but it’s very hard to communicate with one another and it’s even harder to be able to de-escalate situations when we’re not able to show some of the most authentic, emotional, warm, gathering feature that we can express as a human being – that’s a smile. Smiles go a long way and if you’re wearing a mask draw a smile on it. With all the humor aside, putting a smile and at least letting people know that you’re there with them and not against them is extremely important.

I know I’m just a dentist, I’m not going to be a social scientist and I probably won’t run for political office, but if you have brown teeth, yellow teeth, crooked teeth or no teeth at all it doesn’t matter – please smile. Not only at your neighbor, but at others that you may come across along the way. Let’s let Austin be the community that everyone else wants to emulate and be able to show Austin in that positive light.

Take care, live well, and, please, smile.

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