The Walden Dental Difference

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank from Walden Dental. Covid’s back. And the Rona sadness unfortunately for Texas along with California and Arizona we’re feeling it pretty hard, but as Texans and Austinites I think we’re ready.

It’s serious, but I’m so thankful that our government is giving us a chance. A chance not only for ourselves as a community, but especially as a small business to show how we can handle these increased numbers and help to make sure it’s not increasing that much more. And it’s not about what I’m doing or saying on the camera, it’s what our patients are experiencing and are willing to share online through their reviews of Walden Dental specifically mentioning our Covid protocols and making them feel that much more safe.

Taylor Sandy wrote, “Everything was clean, they took my temp when I came in and took extra precautions due to covid”. Melissa Martinez also, last week, wrote, “I would definitely recommend them and will be back for future visits. Thank you Walden team for your hard work and staying within COVID-19 compliance”. See, it’s not just us, others are also experiencing first hand that Walden Dental Difference. Your safety and your health is our priority. Not only do we want to keep your mouth healthy and strong, we want to keep you as a person healthy and strong.

Be well, stay safe, and smile.

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