Happy Fourth of July

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and happy Fourth of July! Regardless of what’s happening with Covid-19 and some of our other more stressful issues with America’s consciousness it’s still a time to celebrate.

We may not be the most perfect union but were still trying. Let’s leverage that and let’s celebrate through fireworks, lets celebrate with family. Still be mindful of Covid-19, still be mindful of practicing social distancing and making sure that we stay healthy and we can continue to push this curve down, but give your mind and body and soul a reason to celebrate.

We’re Americans and God bless America and let’s do that with smiles on our faces and allow that infectiousness with a smile to really showcase to your neighbors and your community that we are inclusive and that we’re in this together.

Take care. Happy Fourth of July. And smile.

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