Dentistry Is Essential

Hey it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental! And I know we’re not in the dental office this morning, but I just got done reading the newspaper to read about how the World Health Organization just put out a statement that ‘global dentistry needs to be put on hold until the Coronavirus pandemic is over.’ Frankly, I don’t really understand that, neither does the American Dental Association, nor the Texas Dental association.

Dentistry is essential. It is essential to keep your body healthy and strong and fit. Keep that inflammation down by keeping that gum tissue healthy having your bi-annual cleanings. We’ve gone over this a lot now since March and not only has our governor mentioned that we’re back into business for routine dental care, and that it is safe. We have to recognize Austin and America is the top when it comes to standard of care, not all other countries can do that. And maybe that’s why they’re trying to put a global initiative out to temper where we can be seen. But keep that peace of mind knowing you’re in Austin, you’re in America. The standards of care here are second to none.

Do not let the World Health Organization create fear or unnecessary worry for you as to whether or not coming to the dentist. To find out more, call your dentist! And if you don’t have one reach out to Walden Dental at 512-337-8560. We’ll help coach you through it and make sure that you feel comfortable with the dentistry you deserve.

Take care, live well, and smile.

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