Your Bite Exam

Hey it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental! Ever have a filling done? Not necessarily this past week but months or years ago and it never was quite right? Your bite never really felt like it was aligned.

Maybe you went through orthodontics and you felt like your jaw was off and you had a lot of soreness to one particular side. Maybe some clicking and popping happened. Did you ever go back to the dentist and ask them about your bite and they have you bite on that biting paper: “tap, tap, tap, chew, chew, chew.” And they tell you it looks fine and you’re like well no there’s really something more going on and they say don’t worry about it, it’s all in your head. Well thanks for the pun doc but I know that there’s a problem.

At Walden Dental we know those things happen often and for a myriad of reasons. And frankly it can feel like a stone in your shoe when your bite isn’t right it’s always hurting. Walden Dental is always investing in the most advanced, latest technology to help our patients thrive. As far as your new patient visit we’ll do a functional bite test. And with this machine behind me here this is going to be able to tell us all about the way your bite relationship works literally through a biting heat map. To find out more Google Walden Dental go to our website at www.waldendentaltx.com. You’ll learn all about the services that we can offer to make sure that you and your bite is in perfect harmony.

Take care, live well, and smile.

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