Go Dallas Stars!

Hey it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and I’ve just got two words “Go Stars!” The Stanley Cup is happening right now and we have our Dallas Stars in Game 3 and hopefully they’re going to clinch it in the next few!

Ringo! Stop! We’re recording! Ringo! Anyways Ringo from the Texas Stars is here and he is so excited along with me and the Dallas Stars, but he is a little camera shy- I get it. Maybe it’s because he has not brushed his teeth in the past three years. Having said all that, it is awesome and a relief that we have something to be excited about as Austinites and just as Texans and seeing our professional hockey team at the Stanley Cup. We’ve had three players scoring goals that have played for the Texas Stars.

So just keep cheering with me, “Go Texas! Go Dallas Stars! And go see your dentist!”

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