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    5 star review  This dental office is AWESOME!!! I enjoyed the entire experience BOTH TIMES. They did such a wonderful job being informative, making sure my husband and I were comfortable, and with our 1st visit-- they did not make us feel overwhelmed with a lot of prices, long numbers, nor 2 pages of dental work explaining your whoooole mouth. They were very professional and took their time to make us feel at ease. I also like the fact that they aligned the dental work that we need completed in parts/sessions not to overwhelm you. And not to mention... Dr. Frank is a very handsome doctor 🙂 Thank you ALL for taking such good care of me and my husband. We have finally found a perfect dental office for life!

    thumb Je Jo

    5 star review  This dentist was highly recommended to me. I was extremely pleased with the initial phone call (June 19, 2020) to request service and Emily started the ball rolling with exceptional phone customer service. She was so patient with me and I could tell there was a smile on her face as she signed me in for the same day visit. Once arriving for the appointment, I was pleasantly surprised with the positive feel from Tiffanie (at the front desk) as she greeted me and processed my insurance information. The atmosphere was so relaxing! My named was called (another smile... Angela) another pleasant greeting, then Kelsey and Angela doing the x-rays, etc. and Malena (consoling me during the extraction)-- they all were so wonderful with handling their duties. That relaxed me AND then came Doctor Frank... which put the icing on the cake. His bedside manners were over the top! His welcoming conversation regarding the issue I was having and the skillful, non-painful extraction of my wisdom tooth. As of this day 6.22.2020, I still have no pain. I believe the spiritual angles were waiting for my arrival and I will always remember the exceptional customer service @ Walden Dental. Dr. Frank has a exceptional staff and he obviously is an OUTSTANDING leader! It starts from the top and trickles downward. I am going back again...Thanks Walden Dental, for giving me a wonderful weekend!!

    thumb bernice billingsley

    5 star review  I am a new patient of Dr. David Frank. I've visited the office twice now and both times the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to discuss procedures and answer any questions. Their Lake Creek location is super convenient to home and work, which I really like. I know most people are fearful of going to the Dentist and it's not always easy finding the right fit. I have to say I'm thankfully I found an office in comfortable visiting. Thank you Dr. Frank and the entire staff for being so welcoming. Keep up the great work!

    thumb Stephanie Bustamante

    5 star review  I’ve been a patient at Walden Dental with Dr Frank for about 3yrs and I highly recommend them. The staff is very friendly and attentive. The quality of the dental work is very high - they have a ceramic crown machine system that makes crowns on the spot so you don’t have to wait for a second appointment to put in the permanent one; and the fit is usually good, requiring only minor adjustment. Then that crown is guaranteed for 5yrs (If I remember right) with whatever adjustments or repairs are needed. Last visit I went in for their philips zoom whitening treatment, and I’m very happy with the results - my teeth are now tooth colored instead of orange. Also you can often get an appointment same week that you call. Very happy to have found Walden Dental

    thumb Nick C

    5 star review  My husband and I visited Walden Dental Cedar Park today for the first time. We were both impressed not only with the staff but also the physical office. The receptionist, Emily, is an excellent representative for Walden Dental, prompt and courteous. The hygienist, Wendy, was very thorough, professional and informative throughout. Dr. Ryan was concise in his observations and clear on the treatment plan needed. The office is impressive in the technology utilized in providing services and the physical layout. Most importantly during this Covid crisis, excellent safe procedures.

    thumb Pauline Starr

    5 star review  Walden dental is definitely the place to go if you need to have any dental work done. Everybody was super nice! Dr. Frank was super throughout on everything. Tiffanie, the office manager, went over everything before hand to make sure there was no surprises what insurance covered or not. Tera, the dental hygienist, was amazing and super friendly. Angela, the dental assistant, did an amazing job as well. This was just my initial visit, and I would have to go back a couple of more times to complete what has to be done. Dental work is not fun, but Walden dental made it so easy and comforting. I highly recommended it !!!

    thumb Roger Hung

    5 star review  After moving to Austin, I needed a new dentist to go to so I decided to try out Walden as it was close and accepted my insurance. Let me tell you that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The friendliness of all of the staff, the expertise of Dr. Frank, and the overall result of any procedure I have whether its just a cleaning or having to get a filling etc. It's all nothing shy of extraordinary. I have not once had a bad experience and have nothing but good to say about every person there. I have recommended multiple people to go to Walden and they have all told me about their great experiences as well. If I could rate higher than a 5 star I would.

    thumb Kyle Rolon

    5 star review  I needed an emergency procedure immediately prior to a holiday weekend. Their easy online appointment scheduling allowed me to see that there was an open slot that very day. The staff was friendly and helpful. I was given various options with no hard pressure to opt for more expensive services. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Donna Walden


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