Walden Dental Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy lifestyles, wholesome diets, non-GMO foods, dietary supplements, etc.: the extent to which many of us are willing to go to maintain our health and wellness can seem limitless. And now, with COVID-19 in full effect in Texas, safeguarding our health and immunity is more essential than ever before.

The irony is that despite all of these efforts, memberships, and the array of products people are willing to incorporate into daily life, keeping up with their dental cleanings and maintaining oral health wellness check-ups are continually put on the back burner. The state of gum tissue health and the presence of mild-to-moderate-to-severe inflammation can directly affect your body’s ability to fight infection, maintain strong immunity and avoid systemic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and metabolic illness such as diabetes.

When added together, the cost of a routine professional dental cleaning amounts to far less than a bottle of grocery store dietary supplements. Yet, we often mistakenly assume that dentistry is too expensive or time-consuming to keep up with, thus foregoing essential bi-annual cleanings. So many of us place unnecessary barriers to dental visits because we don’t have dental insurance, when in reality even without dental insurance, the cost of a cleaning is nominal compared to other lifestyle and health habit purchases…not to mention the value to ensure one’s body’s immunity and oral health is in tip-top shape.

Dental offices are keen to understanding and accommodating updated Texas state health and safety protocols that keep patients and dental team members safe in the dental practice, with or without COVID-19’s global impact.  Additionally, we recognize the uncertainty and economic impact of current circumstances, and as such can customize patient visits to fit their budgets, whether through accepting insurance or offering an in-house dental membership savings plan.

Don’t allow the fear of uncertainty or the potential cost stop you from scheduling the essential oral healthcare you deserve.  If your dentist doesn’t offer discount savings plan, or you’re in need of a dentist, please Google Walden Dental or call us at 512-337-8560 to book you next appointment or learn more about how we’re the best dental office for you.

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