Journey to a Confident Smile

By Dr. David Frank

Walden Dental


Dental Woes & Concerns

Clemente faced constant worry about dental problems affecting his confidence and daily life.

He was worrying about enamel and fillings and sought a dentist who could handle cosmetic challenges and surgical considerations and respect his time and budget.

Transformative Treatment

A series of extractions, implants, and healing bridges to protect his jaw joints and improve his smile marked the beginning of Clemente's journey to a confident smile. 

The Radiance of Confidence

Clemente shares how improved speech, crisp delivery, and renewed confidence transformed his life. No more hiding his teeth 

— Just a genuine, radiant smile. Way to go, Clemente!

Clemente's hesitant smile, concealing dental concerns.

Before image :

The confident smile, revealing a remarkable transformation.

After image :

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