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Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park is actually a suburb of Austin located 16 miles away. With a rapidly growing population over the last decade and its own identity, history, and business environment, it provides a range of different opportunities for its residents, many of whom actually work in Austin.


The history of Cedar Park dates back as far as 5,000 years. The pre-European settlers’ era was marked by the struggles of several Native American Indian tribes such as the Lipan Apache, the Tonkawa, and the Comanche. The area gained the name of Running Brushy by the middle 1800’s for an area spring that marked the creek’s headwaters. George and Harriet Cluck bought 329 acres including Running Brushy spring back in 1873. The couple’s ranch became the core area for the community that evolved into Cedar Park.

In 1882, the railroad arrived in the settlement. This Austin and Northwestern Railroad linked Austin with cities Lampasas and Burnet in the north. Passing through Running Brushy in 1882, the railroad spurred a renaming of the community into Bruggerhoff after one of the railroad officials. Locals hated the name, so the son of George and Harriet, Emmett Cluck, changed the name to Cedar Park in 1887. The town became a popular day trip destination from Austin for its 1892 built strolling park, constructed near the train depot.

The city remained mostly unchanged for the next 60 to 70 years. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, housing subdivisions arrived in Cedar Park. The growth of nearby Austin encouraged the town’s development as a suburb. The town only became incorporated as recently as February 24th of 1973. The new city had a tiny population of about 1,765 at its incorporation. Five years later they built a town library.

Tragedy struck Cedar Park on May 27th of 1997. A powerfully destructive F3 sized tornado smashed into the town. This tornado proved to be a part of the infamous Central Texas Tornado outbreak of 1997, of which there were at least 20 known tornadoes confirmed. The city’s downtown suffered devastation from the potent storm. One person died and the Albertson’s grocery was practically destroyed in the ravages of the tornado.


In July of 2017, the U.S. Census revealed that Cedar Park boasted a population of 75,226. The population had nearly doubled since 2010. While the majority of the city lies in Williamson County, a smaller portion juts into neighboring Travis County. The Census Bureau claims Cedar Park has a total area measuring 25.6 square miles.


Climate and weather in Cedar Park, Texas is practically identical to nearby Austin’s. This means it shares in the hybrid climate between the Southeastern U.S.’s humid and lush climactic region and the Southwest’s drier desert like climate. With both elements of desert and humid mixed together, Cedar Park’s climate is still officially called a humid subtropical climate.

Its summers prove to be extremely long and hot, while its winters are blessedly mild and short. Spring and fall are warm and mild between the other two more extreme seasons. Cedar Park boasts 34.32 inches of yearly rainfall and 2,650 hours of sun every year, which is distributed throughout all parts of the year.


The city had little in the way of major employers until the early 2000’s. This was when Walmart led the bigger stores here, opening as the first of the major retailers in 2002. Today the city boasts a Super Target, numerous HEB groceries, Whole Foods, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Sprouts Farmers Market, Randall’s, and Costco. It also has several important shopping centers such as 1890 Ranch, The Parke, Cedar Park Town Center, and the Cypress Creek Shopping Center. The area’s first important medical center opened its doors at the end of 2007 as the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

By 2013, the area earned the distinction of being recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau as the fourth fastest expanding city in the country with its population of 57,957. The median household income has risen to a high $87,466.


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