Brighten your smile with Professional Teeth Whitening options

If you’ve ever scanned the oral care aisles at your local drugstore, you know how overwhelming it can be to choose a teeth whitening product. Strips, trays, and gels are readily available, but many patients find them to provide little, if any, results. Instead, Dr. David Frank of Walden Dental in Austin, Texas, encourages patients to ask about in-office teeth whitening solutions that provide same-day results or long-term enhancement. With the help of our team, patients have the opportunity to brighten their smiles on their terms, in the office, or at home.

What methods of teeth bleaching are available at Walden Dental?

Dr. David Frank is pleased to provide both in-office whitening and at-home dental whitening options.

  • In-office whitening – in-office whitening is achieved with our Zoom! teeth whitening system. Patients come into the office and relax in the treatment chair as their teeth are cleaned and prepared. A special gel is applied to the gums, and a light-activated bleaching gel is applied to the teeth. Using a unique light-based system, the teeth are exposed to the light and brightened in less than an hour. The teeth are cleaned once more before patients leave, and they can enjoy same-day results.
  • Take-home dental whitening – alternatively, patients who want more control and a gradual enhancement of the teeth, paired with an economical alternative, will want to ask about our take-home dental whitening treatments. With the use of customized trays and prescription-strength bleaching gels, patients can achieve the changes they want in the comfort of their own homes. Some patients will combine the take-home dental whitening package with the in-office Zoom! whitening to maintain longer results.

How do I learn more about professional-grade teeth bleaching solutions? Dr. David Frank and his team at Walden Dental are pleased to provide this and other cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients to consider when enhancing their smiles. If you are located in the Austin, Texas, or Cedar Park, Texas, communities and want to learn more, we welcome you to book an appointment at our office located in northwest Austin, Texas for a consultation. Book Online, or you can reach us in Austin at (512) 337-8560.