Improve the appearance of your smile with Aesthetic Dentistry

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Additionally, certain conditions and problems can arise over time, such as chronic periodontal disease or in a more urgent/acute fashion, tooth injuries and dental trauma. When imperfections exist in the smile, patients might want to talk to their Austin, Texas, area dentist, Dr. David Frank, about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and periodontal/gum therapy.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the method of improving the appearance of a smile. With the help of Dr. Frank and his team at Walden Dental, patients in Austin, Texas, and Cedar Park, Texas can achieve the smile they’ve always wanted with same-day veneers, same-day crowns, and in-office Zoom! whitening.  Some patients may also consider a smile makeover, a combination of aesthetic and rehabilitative dentistry explicitly designed for them.

Before and After Cosmetic Treatment Images

Close Up Smiles Before Image 4 - Walden Dental Close Up Smiles After Image 4 - Walden Dental
Close Up Smiles Before Image 5 - Walden Dental Close Up Smiles After Image 5 - Walden Dental
Close Up Smiles Before Image 6 - Walden Dental Close Up Smiles After Image 6 - Walden Dental

What are the cosmetic dental procedures available at Walden Dental?

We offer a wide range of services in the area of aesthetic dental work, including:

  • Same-day porcelain dental crowns
  • Same-day porcelain dental bridges for tooth replacement
  • Same-day porcelain veneers
  • Zoom! in-office whitening
  • Composite resin bonding/ tooth-colored dental fillings

Am I a candidate for aesthetic dentistry?

The cliched “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” may hold true, but if you ever find yourself complaining of yellowing, misshapen, chipped, or worn teeth that are hidden behind your lips, you may be missing out on social and professional engagements more than you realize.  In fact, over 80% of respondents on dating websites/apps claim yellow teeth are a deal-breaker for first dates.  Don’t let an unconfident smile hold you back from showing your most authentic self.

Cosmetic Dentistry Review | Walden Dental

Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist?

Hi! My name is Barbara Allen. My teeth are very important to me. The health of my teeth and certainly cosmetic dentistry as I get older. I have my choice of dentist in this area. And I have to say that Walden Dental, Dr. Frank and his staff are terrific! I love coming here. They do a fabulous job. My teeth feel great. I just had a Zoom Whitening and it was super! I couldn’t believe the results. I only have great things to say about Walden Dental. This is the only place I come, to take care of my teeth.

How do I learn more about aesthetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental work starts with a consultation visit with Dr. David Frank. Call the office located in Austin, Texas, to book an appointment with his team and find out how cosmetic work can enhance and even transform your smile! We can be reached in Austin at (512) 337-8560.  You’ll be welcomed immediately over the phone by exceptionally knowledgeable staff that will reinforce why you’ve made the right call. Making the first call can be the scariest part of the journey. let Walden Dental’s team make you feel your smile is our top priority!

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Those with stained, discolored, misshapen, missing, chipped, cracked, broken, or worn teeth can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. In short, if your smile is less than perfect and, as a result, your self-confidence has dived, but you are in otherwise good health, you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic dental enhancement.

What services come under cosmetic dentistry?

Crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, implants, composite bonding, and fillings are some services in this area. Dentists may offer one or more of these services to a patient based on the latter’s needs and goals.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Apart from enhancing your smile and giving you confidence, cosmetic dentistry can tackle some of your dental problems and improve your oral and overall health.

How long do cosmetic treatments take?

Different procedures can take different times, and the time varies for each individual. Some treatments may be completed within a short time, in just one visit, while others may take longer.

Can cosmetic dentistry replace missing teeth?

Several cosmetic procedures can replace missing teeth. Dental implants are considered the ‘gold standard’ in this area. Crowns, dentures, and veneers are some other options. The best option for you can be determined after a discussion with your dentist.

Case Samples

Cases treated by Dr. David Frank at Walden Dental

Priscilla cosmetic crowns 1

Priscilla knew it was time to plan on restoring her front teeth. Clenching, grinding, and wear resulted in years of loss of enamel and shifting of her upper and lower teeth. She also wanted to “straighten” her smile without having to go through braces and orthodontics.

Priscilla cosmetic crowns 2

Priscilla loved the same day cosmetics and restoration/refurbishment of her teeth to her natural smile. No root canals, no orthodontics, and no need to worry about staining of her ceramic crowns. Smile design and delivery completed all in one day, same day appointment at Walden Dental.

Priscilla cosmetic crowns 3
Dr. David Frank

An experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Frank, makes dentistry affordable, personalized, and efficient in the communities of Austin, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from the United States Air Force Academy, after which he attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Frank's decision to become a dentist resulted from his father's advice, "be your own boss." He then moved to Austin in 2015 to practice dentistry.

Dr. Frank is dedicated to restoring beautiful smiles and quality of life. At Walden Dental, he does this in four steps; he makes the service transparent and affordable, personalizes the service to each individual, ensures that your time is not wasted, and offers many services under one roof, eliminating the need to visit multiple dentists. He is a firm believer in making the lives of his patients easier.