Dr. David Frank

Owner and founder, Dr. David Frank, is not a Texas native, but he got down here as quickly as he could. Born and raised in Amsterdam, New York, he grew up swimming and playing lacrosse and basketball. The oldest of two, Dr. Frank received a Division 1 lacrosse scholarship to play at the United States Air Force Academy. This is where he received his undergraduate degree. He then attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. One of the reasons Dr. Frank chose to become a dentist was his father’s advice when he was younger: “David, the key to professional happiness is being your own boss!”

After Dr. Frank graduated from Tufts, he decided he wanted to practice dentistry in Austin. In 2015, Dr. Frank moved with his two labradors, Miller and Baxter, to Austin for the great weather, outdoors year ’round, amazing growth, technology-driven companies, and the dog-friendly environment! Dr. Frank’s favorite part of Texas is the resonating feeling of rugged American exceptionalism. His favorite part of dentistry is the blend of art and medicine that can be immediately identified as people smile fully to show their most inviting and authentic self that can positively influence everyone they smile to!

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