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A conversation with Dr. David Frank from Walden Dental

A conversation with Dr. David Frank from Walden Dental

This being the 3rd Anniversary of Walden Dental, Dr Frank talks on how he set up his practice and the progress the practice has made over the years.

Looking for a Modern Dentist?

Looking for a Modern Dentist?

Hey everyone. I’m Dr. Frank from Walden Dental and I have a question for you. What should you expect from a modern dentist?  Well I’m here to tell you it’s all about technology, it’s about technology that makes your dental appointment seamless, easy same-day and on time. You should never have to worry about having anything that comes in and out of your mouth anymore.  Whether it be with a temporary or a permanent solution, it should be done precise, it should be done looking just like your natural teeth. You should never have to worry about any metals showing around your gum line. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything that looks black. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything that screams 1984 with having all of those silver fillings that were originally placed. You should feel confident, when you walk out of that door you know that you’ve got the best material at the best office possible, it should seem cutting-edge, the technology should work so smooth you question how could you go anywhere else, and more importantly, how did they ever do dentistry before. We want to keep as much of your tooth as possible and because of the way that we utilize all the different types of ceramics, and all of

their strengths, you may forget which tooth was actually worked on because they all look so naturally beautiful.  With our technology we do porcelain crowns, porcelain onlays, porcelain veneers. Guess what?  No metal it’s so fantastic in the way that we’re able to get things to look so naturally beautiful, your teeth look like they’ve never had any dentistry, and it’s just mimicking what you’ve always wanted from the get-go. The best part about our technology is it actually makes it even easier to use and it doesn’t have to be as costly so many patients have held back for one reason out there or they’ve been afraid of saying, boy this office probably won’t accept my insurance. I’ve got great news for you. We more likely than not do we accept over 20 different insurances. Please don’t let that hold you back from taking a look at what modern technology is without the fear of saying, oh that’s probably out of my price range. So I’m hoping all that information kind of helps you to understand a little bit more about Walden dental. To find out more from us, please give us a call or better yet, you can even text at (512) 337-8560,  or take a look at our website because you can even online schedule. How easy is that at,   Take care live well and smile.

What to do if your tooth gets knocked out?

What to do if your tooth gets knocked out?

Hey! I’m Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. What do you do when your tooth gets knocked out?

Number 1: Don’t panic. You want to look for that tooth and you want to get it cleaned off as quickly as possible. So stop what you’re doing, assess what’s happened and find that tooth

Number 2: Rinse the tooth. The best way to rinse it is with something called Hank’s Balance Salt Solution, but if you don’t have that and you’ve got a wet mouth place the tooth directly back in your mouth

Number 3: Find the right orientation for how that tooth can literally be placed back in if it got totally knocked out. If you can hold in there and you can get it back in your mouth comfortably within the first twenty minutes of it being knocked out that is the best chance that you have to keep your tooth. There would be some other dental treatment that would be necessary, but boy, anytime we can keep what is God’s given natural body part – meaning your tooth – all the better.

The Final Step: Call your dentist. You wanna be able to let your dentist know what has happened. The dentist is probably gonna want to see you in the office. We want to make sure, is the tooth placed in the right position? Is the tooth still available to be used for long term? And what do we need to do to help secure that tooth in the mouth? Sometimes it will be like with temporary braces, so to speak. We want to use your other teeth that are surrounding the one that just got knocked out to hold that in a proper position and we want to give that tooth a chance to heal and tell your jawbone, “Please re-grow back on this tooth”.

So hopefully some of this information helps. To find out more, please take a look at our website at, or give us a call or text at 512-337-8560.

Take care, live well, and smile.

COVID-19 Dental Emergencies

Your Dental COVID-19 Questions ANSWERED!

Your Dental COVID-19 Questions ANSWERED!

My name is David Frank and I am a dentist and owner of Walden Dental in northwest Austin in Cedar Park.

Q: With the current discussion around states reopening, what should people know about seeing their dentist?

Dr. Frank: As states like Texas are beginning to reopen, there’s a lot of questions and concerns about whether or not its appropriate to see your dentist. And with the rollout we need to be very cautious and pragmatic about how we are seeing our patients and making sure that we are staying to the most up to date centers of disease control, or “CDC”, guidelines. Such things as using face shields using N95 or other level 3 type masks, being very cautious about aerosols using portable aerosol suction devices are going to be the new norm. Patients are going to be looking for expectations on making sure that an office is safe and clean and dentistry needs to follow suit and I see no problem and no trouble why Texas dentists can’t hit that mark and really be able to set the standard for other states to soon follow suit.

Q: Do you think that by reopening, the curve will continue to flatten, or should we expect another round of infections across the population?

Dr. Frank: There’s ample reason and concern about whether or not the curve is truly coming down with COVID-19. And as a dentist we have to be very cautious still about how we are rolling back to normal routine care. A unique feature in dentistry is that we are obligated to take blood pressure and other vital screenings for every patient during their dental visits regardless of what the appointment is for. The reason for that is that we often know folks are more likely to come to their dental appointment than they would for a medical appointment. An interesting feature of that is could we somehow, as dentists, also help participate with being able to screen patients being able to conduct certain entry level tests to identify what other folks, who are asymptomatic, could be carrying to help our national figures get even more under control and help our nation do everything it can to not bring another resurgent back in August or September as some predict.

Q: As a health care provider, what is your biggest concern about the COVID-19 virus?

Dr. Frank: Dentistry is all about prevention and it’s really important that we stress as soon as safely possible we get back to that routine care so that we don’t have to continue to worry about, “Are there other forms of dental infections, that, also could be asymptomatic, brewing to really damping and really kind of hamper our patients to have appropriate and timely care.

How dentistry can help flatten the curve

How dentistry can help flatten the curve

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. And I want to give you a little degree of normalcy during this uncertain time and more importantly give you some of the points to be aware of whether or not you should call your dentist, routine dental care – we can probably hold off, but here are a few factors of don’t wait.

We don’t want you inundating hospitals as far as having toothaches or abscess formations where we can take care of that right here. A tooth cracks! And a filling comes out – call your dentist. Feeling a swelling that went from a small knot that’s starting to expand in size – call your dentist. Waking up at night with dental-related pain – call your dentist. Having something hot, cold, or trying to chew and now it’s throbbing for more than just a few seconds – call your dentist. Taking Advil and Tylenol for some minor toothache that’s turning into being not so minor and Advil and Tylenol is not relieving that pain – call your dentist.

We’re here to help, call us again at 512-337-8560 and you can even text that number. Furthermore, take a look at our website for updates and how to best manage your dental concerns to determine, “Should I be calling?” at

Stay safe, be well, and, if you can through this time, smile.

Dental emergency during Covid-19?

Dental emergency during Covid-19?

Hey everyone! Its Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and there are a lot of changes going on this past week alone within Austin and Cedar Park – we’re here to help. All of the emergencies that are coming through, we have been so blessed to be able to leverage our technology to be able to get an emergency tooth problem fixed in one day. Our patients have expressed so much gratitude thinking, “I didn’t know where I was going to be able to turn, I was so worried that I was going to have to have a temporary, or I was told I wasn’t able to be seen because my tooth problem was going to require multiple weeks out at a laboratory that wasn’t even open. We can get things fixed in one day, we can get you back out there to be with your family, staying safe, worry-free that any tooth-related problem is not going to exacerbate a very uncertain time.

Take care, say safe, and, if you can, smile.

A Whiter Smile During Quarantine, and How to Handle Dental Emergencies

A Whiter Smile During Quarantine, and How to Handle Dental Emergencies

A Whiter Smile During Quarantine, and How to Handle Dental Emergencies

That’s perfect! That’s basically what it’s designed for. You know, in a lot of ways for folks that want to have … and we often make this recommendation, “okay, what are your goals?” … even timeline aside. The thing about in-office whitening for patients who come to the dentist, is you’re able to in a controlled setting … protecting your gum tissue, putting on anti-sensitivity barriers on to the other soft tissue surfaces of the mouth, getting the teeth whitened up to what is a healthy version of white for them. There are a lot of shades of white and there is a lot of different factors to why some people’s teeth look whiter than others. And a lot of times that’s due to the benefits of ceramics, not just through whitening. There is a lot of natural internal stains of the teeth. The enamel is really the only like, white part of the tooth and it’s actually quite thin.

Are there certain whitening techniques that you like better? Cause I know some of them are like the traditional gel, some of them have the light added … I had a girlfriend who did it by the way. She said it was the most painful thing. She’s like, “I did it in-office and by the time they had to like come back and do that third pass with the light, it was awful.” But, man, did they look good afterwards!

Right, right … and you have to be careful with that. It also depends on how long ago that was done. When whitening first came out, it was intense, and I think a lot of that had to do with, “yes, we can get a white product, but what are the consequences to the gum tissue?” Because it is carbamide peroxide, which transitions into hydrogen peroxide. There is an element of bleaching that’s going on with it, you can burn tissue if not appropriately done. So, that’s where the annoyance is for some folks with the at-home whitening, of like well it’s not getting white anytime fast, well yes, we have to put it in a controlled setting so you’re not burning your face off trying to get, you know, a whitening result.

Well, the best time to whiten your teeth is right after your cleaning, and I always tend to do it …

Amen. Yup.

… right, you know, X-rays … so, I’ll do the cleanings with the X-rays and then I’m like soon right to slap whatever I’m whether it’s a take-home gel from my dentist or if I’m following Amber’s tricks of the trade because she, in-person and on zoom, you have one of the whitest smiles I’ve ever witnessed …

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed here.

Which is crazy though, cause my mother … my family genetically has terrible teeth. I mean my mother has like, I don’t know, a McLaren in her mouth with the amount of work that she’s had to have done. But, yeah. Whitestrips and the DenTek, that’s what … and I’ve got a Sonicare.

Yeah, that’s excellent. I mean you’ve got everything. There’s no magic bullet to any hygiene.


The magic bullet is your motivation to want to keep your teeth.


And a lot of …

And dental consistency …

Yes. Most stuff is marketing. Most stuff is hype. Most stuff of like “hey, buy this particular gel or buy this rants or buy this certain product…” Just because it burns more, doesn’t mean it’s better.


No, yeah.

And don’t discount the at-home stuff and look, I mean hopefully …

It’s fantastic.

… you’re going to be getting back to, you know, the new normal in the next couple of weeks. Now is a good time to like …

Whiten your teeth at home.

Whiten your teeth at home.


You have the time.

You got the time.

Not only you’ve got the time, think about all the people you are going to want to meet out or who you’ve been meeting for the first time online, so, now when you’re ready to do some … put your best face forward.

Yeah, yeah. So, Doctor, is there else that you feel, you know, I mean, this is just … unprecedented times. Is there anything else that you’re hearing from patients that we need to know right now, to kind of get through until we can get back into our dentists?

The biggest question that patients that have really had dentistry be … I wouldn’t say top of mind, but is important to them is, it … is anything bad happening if I can’t get to my cleaning in six months, or four months, and three months. And my short answer with that is, “no, especially if you’re thinking about it.” It’s the ones who haven’t thought about it since Jimmy Carter’s been in office, those are the people that I worry about. That being said, doing everything you can at home … there’s nothing in dentistry that we’re doing in the office, that is so magical, that is going to be able to give you the perfect results or the epitome of health that you couldn’t do on your own with consistent day-to-day regime. We want to give you the starting block of having an overall health and wellness, not only for your mouth, but for your whole body. Keeping your inflammation down, keeping your infection load down, giving you that quality of life so you sleep better, function better with higher energy levels, and enjoying yourself not only in social settings, but psychologically having that boost of confidence of seeing that your smile is putting your best face forward. But, right now, it’s just doing those little things, those two minutes a day are saving you thousands and thousands of dollars, and so much frustration and heartache at the end.

Totally. And you said it, so, with the hydrogen peroxide rinse, is that something that people should be doing every day, no matter what, if they can? Or is it just like a …

It’s … it’s a good question … it doesn’t hurt.


Definitely doesn’t hurt. I think anybody who is experiencing bleeding gums when they floss or when they brush, let’s get that hydrogen peroxide regimen in there.

And how much do we do?

… that helps a lot.

Like, what is the …

Uh, just like a dixie cup. You can dilute it with water …

Okay …

… just a small mug. Here’s what I do with my personal routine, I’ll floss first to get it … just a lot of the gunk going. Then, I’ll get my toothbrush and toothpaste and I’ll brush around for the two minutes. Then, I’ll get the hydrogen peroxide, cause a lot of people are like “ew, it’s gross. I don’t want hydrogen peroxide. That’s got to be nasty.” The toothpaste is still in my mouth, so it has that minty taste in there …


Now I do my final swish around for 30 seconds, and as I spit that out, it’s not so bad.

It is disgusting, but yeah.

I still got the mint in there. I got the mint and it’s totally good.

It’s a great tip.


And what about things like, I don’t know, I grew up … salt water. You gargle with salt water, is that …


Oh, yeah. Okay.

That … I mean that helps a lot. I still think hydrogen peroxide is better. The saltwater rinses, yes, from that those old-fashioned home … my grandmother lived with me when I was growing up as a kid …


… and I think any disease could be cured with saltwater. That being the case, so, the warm salt … like if you ever had any extraction or if you felt like you had a real bitter, nasty taste in your mouth, a little bit of a swelling, could be an abscess, the warm salt water rinse will help a lot. That … it’s helping to kill the bacteria. That’s not getting rid of the source of the infection, which is a tooth that’s rotted out, or something else that’s going on. But it can at least help prevent it from getting drastically worse, so … but warm salt rinses do a great job. If you have the water pick though, and the water flosser is putting the hydrogen peroxide or even warm salt water in there, it can help quite a bit too.

Awesome. And don’t forget, I feel like the water flossers is for people who are lucky enough to have those HSAs, health savings, and all that. That … that money can be used for things like a dental pack.

Absolutely. And for your … your dentistry too.


There’s a lot of folks that are like, “hey, I have my HSA that I’m saving up,” you know, for a lot of folks for … at the end of the year benefits that they’re going to use or lose, make sure you use that for people starting up in the new year when they have their HSA … Please look at it … for that too.

Awesome. Dr. David Frank from Walden Dental in Austin, Texas, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us.

Thank you so much for having me, Amber. Ryan, thank you so much for having me too. I really appreciate this opportunity.

If people want to find out more about your practice, if they want to get in touch with you, what’s the best way to find you?

Best way to find is probably right online at our website, and it’s (like the state of Texas). Also, looking up Walden, Austin in Facebook, and we have a YouTube channel too with a lot more information, not only about COVID-19, but also other forms of health, and what dental technology has to offer. There’s a whole other concept of being able to get things done all in one visit, not having to take a lot of time out of your work schedule, or when life gets back to normal, and how to get your teeth to look the way that you deserve.

I …

… is it worth it.

… love your videos so …

Oh, thank you.

… definitely worth going on the website, you have great videos …

Thank you.

… they are quick to go to the point and certainly when we get back to the new normal, we need to bring you back to talk about all of the things that we can, you know, focusing on getting that smile that we want …


… and deserve. Thank you again for being with us …

You’re very welcome.

Please stay safe …

Thank you so much. You too.

… and of course, at home, if you want to reach out to us, you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, by searching @ArtBeautyPodcast.

Awesome. Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you.

Thank you. See you next Tuesday.



Our COVID-19 Defense

Our Covid Defense

Our Covid Defense

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and we’re bringing the fight to Covid like you’ve never seen before. We just recently released the next ammunition at Covid with an antimicrobial, long-lasting, hospital-grade, disinfectant.

We’re taking this disease seriously and although it’s still the invisible enemy, we’re going to win this war all the while keeping you and your family safe. Dentistry is essential. Dentistry is essential for your overall health and with this added Armamentarium to our wheel house here at Walden Dental we’re going to make sure we keep it that way for months to come until a vaccine is in place. And thank you to Dis.In.Fx for coming to Walden Dental in a quick and timely fashion to make sure we’re staying safe.

If you don’t have a dentist that has this type of technology and isn’t adding those other value-added services on your safety then you may want to give Walden Dental a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Take a look at our website and give us a call at 512-337-8560.

Take care. Live well. Let’s beat Covid! And smile.

Our Covid-19 Protocol to Protect You

Our Covid-19 Protocol to Protect You

Hey! Its Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. As far as the questionnaire that we’re asking our patients over the phone and while they’re here in office we’ll ask, “Do you have a fever or above normal temperature? Do you have a dry cough? Do you have a runny nose? Do you have a soar throat? Have you been in contact with anyone who may test positive for COVID-19?”

Once we have all of your necessary paperwork we’ll start your visit with one minute of rinsing out with Peridex or an anti-microbial mouth rinse in order to disinfect everything before we begin our examination. A part of our everyday protocol to, not only keep ourselves healthy but, also, disinfect the office and keep us as optimally clean as possible is actually using virucidal wipes. Which, of late, have become extremely important to helping us maintain the level of infection control necessary to give you that added security of knowing that you’re coming to a safe place.

Check out our website at It’ll have a lot more information through CDC guidelines of other precautions that you can take to make sure that any out of the home visits are safe and secure. Give us a call or text at 512-37-8560.

Take care, be safe, and, if you can, smile.

The MOST-REVIEWED Dentist in Austin!

The MOST-REVIEWED Dentist in Austin!

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental and I’ve just got one important thing to say: Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of our patients who have spread the word about Walden Dental’s experience. We are the highest reviewed office at five stars with over 700 in Austin Texas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for telling your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, and your family that Walden Dental is the best.

Take care, live well and smile.

Patients' Review Our Safety

Patients' Review Our Safety

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank from Walden Dental. Covid’s back. And the Rona sadness unfortunately for Texas along with California and Arizona we’re feeling it pretty hard, but as Texans and Austinites I think we’re ready.

It’s serious, but I’m so thankful that our government is giving us a chance. A chance not only for ourselves as a community, but especially as a small business to show how we can handle these increased numbers and help to make sure it’s not increasing that much more. And it’s not about what I’m doing or saying on the camera, it’s what our patients are experiencing and are willing to share online through their reviews of Walden Dental specifically mentioning our Covid protocols and making them feel that much more safe.

Taylor Sandy wrote, “Everything was clean, they took my temp when I came in and took extra precautions due to covid”. Melissa Martinez also, last week, wrote, “I would definitely recommend them and will be back for future visits. Thank you Walden team for your hard work and staying within COVID-19 compliance”. See, it’s not just us, others are also experiencing first hand that Walden Dental Difference. Your safety and your health is our priority. Not only do we want to keep your mouth healthy and strong, we want to keep you as a person healthy and strong.

Be well, stay safe, and smile.