Anthony’s Smile Design

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank at Walden Dental. And I am so happy and really excited to show you a great story about a whole smile design that we were able to complete for Anthony in one day. We worked pretty hard through, Anthony was really craving the smile that he deserved. The smile that he wanted his showcase off not only to his family, to his friends, But also for his professional career. We worked for long and hard we were able to get some whitening done, then we move forward with actually working on his front eight teeth and it came out exceptional. We’ll show you how we went through the entire process, how we got the teeth the right color and shape, how we navigated all of that to really give the customization, to have that natural beauty that says, “Hey, you did something a little bit different about your face or your smile I can’t tell”. And that’s when we know that we got the results to really pop. We want it subtle, but we want it exceptional so that people will definitely notice a difference. I hope you watched the rest of the video because I’m really excited to show you what we were able to do here at Walden Dental.

People who don’t have good teeth who are self-conscious about their teeth, It’s a big deal, it’s a big deal, it’s a huge blow to your self-esteem, It makes you not want to smile which is huge in today’s world with social media Instagram, Facebook and everybody carrying around a camera attached to their phone in their pocket. Everybody wants to take pictures today, 20 years ago I probably could’ve have gotten away with the teeth that I had before and not been as self-conscious about it. We had our sit down to cover color selection, and details, and size of teeth. I got sedated there was some prep work on the front end, while the crowns were being created in the machine.

Hey so now we’re at the part of the process here with working on Anthony’s case to really customize exactly what the teeth would look like. If nothing, else think of it as being like another version of my friend Bob Ross here and painting little happy teeth. We want to take everything into consideration with the particulars of your smile or more particular, Anthony’s smile. So when we get this all put together it looks exactly the way nature intended.

Just kinda hung out, watched some Netflix while that was being done. Shortly after that, the teeth were ready they were put in, some final adjustments were made and I was on my way. I think in total I was here maybe a half-day. I was very surprised because based on conversations that I’ve had with previous dentists, the process for getting the same amount of work would actually span through these because the crowns are generally- typically outsourced to labs and you have to wear a temporary bridge while you wait for that so I was very, very happy and pleased to have all of this done in a half-day. I’m still amazed that that much work could’ve been done in such a short amount of time.

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