Ready to Choose a Dentist?

Hey! I’m Dr. Frank from Walden Dental!

I can’t wait to share with you this story about what does it mean when you’re ready to choose a dentist? And some little things that you can kinda use as benchmarks or kind of barometers to figure out is this dental office gonna be the right fit for me?

Let’s face it, dentistry is intimate and you have to have that feeling that whatever office you got to you can trust. Intimacy and confidence start on that first phone call. You want to feel like that dental office knows exactly who you are. And maybe you’ve been away for a few months or more importantly a few years but should only take a matter of seconds for that dental office to be able to look up your record and say, “Julie, tell me about that tooth that’s hurting on the upper right-hand side because we’ve been worried about that for a while now.

A big factor that makes you feel welcome in a dental office is listening to how the team communicates. Do they know who you are and more importantly are they able to share that information with one another in a confident fashion so that it seems like that office is running smoothly. The things that really make people worried and make that fear of dentistry is when things are not going well when they can hear people unsure of themselves when they can hear the dentist fumbling around for instruments or not having things. That gives people reason for cause and alarm. When you’re looking for a dental office you wanna be able to feel like it is a well-oiled machine that knows everything about you and is there to make your experience second to none.

When choosing your dentist you’re gonna have a close relationship, you have to feel a connection. In a lot of ways, connections are made based on likability. You have to like your dentist, you have to feel that confidence, you have to feel that care to know – literally – you’re in good hands. Make sure you’re interviewing that dentist the way that they’re interviewing you for your new patient exam. You have to jell with your dentist, you have to feel okay and more importantly, you have to feel welcome around them.

So I hope some of this helped when you’re trying to decide, hey, where’s that best dentist for you? By the way, I’m Dr. Frank from Walden Dental.

Take care, live well, and smile.

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