Do You Need to See Your Dentist?

Hey! It’s Dr. Frank from Walden Dental and here’s a few ways to help determine whether or not you need to see your dentist. To get started grab two spoons. They don’t have to be big but they have to be large enough so that we can get your lips out of the way. Next, grab a friend and grab your cell phone if you have an iPhone or an Android that’s going to be perfect. Next, make sure the flash is on – we want to be able to get a good, accurate assessment on this screening tool to give you the best answers to whether or not you need to come in.

Next, take a few different shots, try to keep it in focus, if you can, get zoomed in. All the better to the exact tooth. Next, give a quick description via text about the nature of the pain. How long has it been going on? Has the swelling increased in size? Will the bleeding stop? What home remedies have you done already? Does Tylenol and Advil help? Finally, call us, we’ll coach you through the rest of the details. Its real simple, it goes right to our text message number at 512-337-8560. Take a look at our website at www.waldendentaltx.com. There’s a lot more information to help you also decide, “Do I really need to follow through with this?”

Take care, be safe, and, if you can, smile.

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